Friday, July 25, 2008

Want an Exclusive Discount on Green Beauty Products?

Earlier this week, I blogged about my green beauty regime, and I asked you for recommendations on eco-friendly make-up . . . and you came through. [Thank you!]

Heather, from Kiss My Face, recommends the line’s 3Way Color and Tinted Moisturizers. “3Way is designed for use on cheeks, lips, and eyes for a natural, healthy looking glow,” she wrote. “Our Tinted Moisturizers give sheer coverage to even skin tone while moisturizing. Good for your skin and easy to use.”

But Heather didn’t just give advice—she also gave us a discount code for Kiss My Face. Until Aug-07-08, we’ll get 25% off our order with this Kiss My Face discount code: KMFBLOG3.

Bob Macleod, the President and Founder of Kiss My Face also wrote in, encouraging me to try other Kiss My Face products, in addition to the Kiss My Face Organics Jump Start, Exfoliating Face Wash I use every morning. Mr. Macleod, if you’re reading this, you should know that my list of green beauty products wasn’t complete.

While I use your Exfoliating Face Wash in the morning, I end the day with Kiss My Face Citrus Cleanser and, a few times a week, I follow that with Kiss My Face Scrub/Masque (this product has fragrance, so I use it sparingly). And the soap of choice in our house is Kiss My Face Moisture Soap (Fragrance Free). [I even snapped a picture of my bathroom counter as proof.]

I don’t know about you, blog readers, but I like how Kiss My Face is actively involved in online conversations about green beauty products. It shows their commitment is more than just skin deep. I, for one, look forward to trying their 3Way Color and Tinted Moisturizers.

[Question for Heather: Which colors do you recommend for blue-eyed blondes? And here’s a suggestion for Mr. Macleod: Make beauty product recommendations on your site based on skin tone, eye color, and hair color.]

Question of the blog: How much of your beauty regime has gone green?

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Anonymous said...

The lighter tints of our Tinted Mosturizer are Manilla (the lightest)and Beach (slightly darker)so probably one of these would work for you. Dawn is the lightest color of 3Way with Heather the next lightest.However, the colors are sheer and you may find you can even wear Amber as well. They can also be blended together for a custom color.Enjoy!
Heather @ KMF