Monday, July 14, 2008

Got a Green Realtor?

Mark and I have our house on the market. In my part of the country, finding an environmentally friendly home is quite the challenge. Finding an environmentally friendly realtor is as well . . . although I don't think that's specific to my hometown.

I have been very up-front with my realtor about my green wishes (I’m sure he calls them “demands” but let’s not go there). When he hosted an Open House, I asked that he forgo the plastic plates and utensils and use my dinner plates and silverware instead. And, after showings, he gets a call from me if any lights are accidentally left on.

Last Friday, I was in Western Massachusetts for work and, during a moment of downtime, I thumbed through a Homes & Land catalog and was impressed to find an ad for EcoRealty (

According to their site, EcoRealty has a “keen interest in and fairly broad knowledge of environmental health issues, knowledge of green building, and belief in sustainable development.” In addition, they give 10 percent of their after-tax profits to “support local farming groups and land conservation funds.”

Their site also contains some really interesting and useful information. I specifically like their insight on creating a “healthy house” (

Question of the blog: Would you search out a green realtor?

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