Friday, July 18, 2008

Can Going Green Improve a Relationship?

I was just thinking about some of the ways being environmentally friendly has made my utterly fantastic marriage even better.

For me, there’s (almost) nothing sexier than my husband, Mark, wearing an organic, Made-in-the-USA t-shirt and shopping at our local Farmer’s Market with his “I’m a Man of the Cloth Bag” tote from

Ahem. But I digress. Here’s a little (organic) food for thought:

The Top 10 Ways Going Green Improves a Relationship

10. With all the money you save at the pump driving a hybrid, you can still afford to go out on the weekends.

9. With all the money you save buying local fruits and veggies, you can still afford to go out during the week.

8. Two words: organic wine (and don’t forget making a toast with green glassware).

7. You traded your conventional, and toxic, bed for an all-natural mattress and pillows and organic sheets (in other words, you transformed your bed into the kind of healthy nest you’ll never want to leave—wink, wink).

6. Two words: soy candlelight (mood lighting often equals in-the-mood lighting).

5. Preparing healthy, organic, from-scratch meals—with all those local fruits and veggies you bought—is code for “I love you.”

4. Two words: Home Depot (this “happy husband equals happy wife” hang-out has myriad green options).

3. You removed the television from your bedroom to save electricity. Now, when you’re in bed, there are other things you can do . . . like talk.

2. Three words: sexy eco underwear (so you don’t just talk in bed).

1. You’ve got the low-flow showerhead and you’ve reduced your showers to five minutes. To save even more water, you can shower together.

Question of the blog: How has going green improved your relationship?

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