Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Are You Happy?

I’m currently re-reading Raw Food Life Force Energy by Natalia Rose ( The entire book is enlightening—both to the mind when you read it and the body when you implement the ideas.

Far from a diet book, this is a resource that invites you to “enter a totally new stratosphere of weight loss, beauty, and health.” And in that stratosphere you’ll find joy.

Within a section entitled, Happiness Is Our Naturally Intended State, Natalia Rose writes, “When you live in a body flowing with abundant Life Force Energy, you are filled with a natural contentment … Westerners today are so far removed from natural sources of energy, sustenance, and joy that we are inclined to believe that depression is normal. Joy is something extraordinary in our society—only a very few among us walk through life joyfully.”

A quick tangent: I love Yogi Tea ( Since 1991, this US company has been on a crusade to use only the best organic ingredients. Plus, each tea bag comes with a fortune. Just after I read the Natalia Rose passage cited above, I went to make myself a cup of Yogi Simply Decaf Green Tea. And this was my fortune:

“Happiness is every human being’s birthright.”

It was one of those moments when you can hear God (whichever God you believe in) whispering in your ear. And here’s how I know for sure that God has a sense of humor—as I poured the hot water over the tea bag, it burst and green tea went everywhere. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Since embracing the raw food lifestyle back in November, and spending most of this year making small (green) changes to my home and wardrobe, I have felt an undercurrent of joyfulness. Last night, for example, I found myself smiling widely as I drifted off to sleep.

Question of the blog: If you’re not happy, what’s standing in your way?

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