Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just what is a "good night's sleep"? Hint: It starts with an organic mattress.

Aah, a good night's sleep.

This was something I certainly didn't appreciate until I welcomed my baby daughter into the world back on Earth Day (yes, she was actually born on Earth Day!). Since her birth, I've slept straight through the night a total of . . . two times.


While I'm up at all the wee hours, my daughter has been sleeping through the night (in her all-organic crib, naturally) since she was three months old. It must be the "new mom" in me that continues to wake up to check on her.

Anyway, since I've been up a lot more during the night, I've been spending many more awake hours in bed, and I've come to appreciate my organic mattress even more than I did before.

I bought mine from The Clean Bedroom last year, and I love it. That's also where I bought my daughter's eco crib, organic crib mattress, and organic bedding. The Clean Bedroom does extensive research and only recommends the best organic mattresses and eco accessories.

After reviewing all our options, Mark and I chose The Green Sleep, and we couldn't be happier with this European-designed bed and its organic cotton velour cover quilted with wool and silk, its genius dowel foundation, and its two sleeping zones (which is especially nice as I don't wake up Mark if I happen to be tossing and turning).

The Clean Bedroom's showroom is close to us, in Kittery, Maine, but the company also has a fantastic website (which often runs great sales on its organic mattresses and organic bedding). In addition, the answer to any question you might have about cleaning and greening up your own bedroom is literally just a phone call away (866-380-5892).

As we approach the holiday season, give yourself the gift of good health with an organic mattress. Sleeping without exposure to toxins, chemicals, and airborne allergens is certainly one way to guarantee 2010 will be better than 2009. At least, I hope I get more sleep in the New Year.