Monday, July 7, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mark and I spent most of this past holiday weekend working outside. We had several big landscaping projects on our agenda and—with such glorious weather—we managed to complete all but one on our list.

Yesterday afternoon, as we put away our gardening gear (the big shears, the little shears, the rake, the shovel with the long handle, the shovel with the short handle, and, well, you get the picture) I thought of my father-in-law, Bob, and his generosity and thoughtfulness.

You see, right after Mark and I moved into our house, Bob stopped by and dropped off the entire spectrum of tools.

Were they from a store? No. They were a tag sale find.

Six years later, the tools still work great. Each falls into the “they don’t make ‘em like that anymore” category. Of course, reusing them (instead of getting new ones from the store) makes them green. It’s a win-win.

Summer is traditional “tag sale season” and I encourage you to try to find some of what you need in your surrounding neighborhood tag sales. There are some real treasures out there.

My obsession at the moment are glass storage refrigerator containers—instead of using petroleum-based plastic wrap or potentially-leaching plastic containers, I like to do it the way Grandma did and store my left-overs in glass.

You can probably find your obsession(s) at a tag sale for a great price and of superior quality and craftsmanship. And if you know anyone moving into a new house, a good rake makes a great gift. Trust me.

Question of the blog: What’s your favorite tag sale find?

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