Friday, July 11, 2008

Green Without the Granola?

If there is a silver green lining to our current economic situation, it’s that more and more people are realizing it’s cost-effective to be environmentally friendly. Lease solar panels, and save on energy bills. Get a gas-sipper of a car, and save at the pump. Shop the local Farmer’s Market, and save on grocery bills (and eat better!).

Since this formerly-fringe moment is going mainstream, people are also realizing green isn’t just granola.

I’ve fought the granola stereotype for years. I dislike the term and think it dismisses and discounts an important mission. That’s part of the reason I named my company EcoVixen ( Translated, the name means “the opposite of granola.”

There are a million shades of green in the world, and just as many people to go along with them. Some eco activists live on communes and wear long skirts, and some live in Manhattan and wear power suits. We’re all in this together and, yes, sometimes we do enjoy a bowlful of granola.

Question of the blog: What shade of green are you?

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