Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How Green (and Cool) is Your Side Table?

A side table can be a wallflower (a piece of furniture with no personality and nothing to offer expect a flat surface on which to rest objects) or it can be a rock star (a show-stopper of a piece that can stand alone—in the spotlight, of course).

Which kind of green side table do you think I’m recommending?

ReVision tables are Hall of Fame-worthy rock stars (website pictured). Available in three styles—which I’ve nicknamed cool, cooler, and coolest—these innovative, modern, and sustainably designed tables highlight reclaimed junk mail and magazines and a no-voc eco-friendly resin.

And that’s just half of the story.

ReVision is the brainchild of teen artists who apprentice at Boston’s Artists for Humanity. The mission of Artists for Humanity is to “bridge economic, racial, and social divisions by providing underserved youth with the keys to self-sufficiency through paid employment in the arts.” The teens decided to create a green furniture line, and their mentors helped make it happen.

To these rocks stars (both the teen artists and their tables) I have one thing to say: Encore!

Question of the blog: Do you have a favorite green furniture line?

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