Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Got a Green Accent?

One of the most pleasurable parts of going green—that’s right, it’s not all hard work—is decorating my home with green accents.

Searching for organic, salvaged, sustainable, and/or fair trade items helps me to create a personalized eco-nest, instead of a generic space right out of Crate&Barrel or Target, with items typically made overseas in manners far from earth-friendly.

There’s a green department store about an hour away from me, Real Green Goods (, and whenever I introduce someone to the store, the items that stand out the most—which is a feat, considering everything is on my Must-Have List—are their Ghana Bolgatanga Market Baskets (pictured here).

This is how the baskets are described on their site: These popular Market Baskets can hold just about anything. In northern Ghana, a seemingly endless supply of tall elephant grass grows in the wetlands. Weavers in Africa use the abundant elephant grass to weave these incredibly hardy, useful baskets. The weavers are compensated fairly for their beautiful works of art. To easily reshape your basket, quickly submerge in water (keep leather dry), reshape by hand and let dry. Variations in color and design are to be expected as each basket is uniquely handwoven. Approximately 14" wide and 9" deep.

I saw identical baskets recently at Whole Foods for $50. But they cost just $29 at Real Green Goods; and because the store is located in New Hampshire, you don’t have to pay sales tax when you buy your own (you can place your order by calling 877-744-9744).

A top quality, handmade, fair trade African Market Basket at a price that’s also fair? Now you know what I mean about the pleasures of green accents.

Question of the blog: Do you have a favorite earth-friendly accessory in your home?

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