Friday, May 23, 2008

Want a Bite of the Big Green Apple?

I’m leaving today—in a few minutes actually—for a much-anticipated trip to New York. Mark and I have planned as green a trip as possible. You might think eco travel in New York City would be easy to plan, but it really wasn’t. It seems Central Park is still the greenest thing in Manhattan . . . but, with a bit of research, we managed to find a lot to see and do.

We’re taking this trip with our “economic stimulus” refund. We plan to stimulate a lot of green stores in Gotham with our green money. Last year, we had hoped to take a trip to Europe this spring, but decided against it because of the weak dollar—plus we think, in this economy, it’s good to spend our money as close to home as possible. Oh, and to save on gas (and pollution) we'll be driving our hybrid one state down to Connecticut and then taking a train into the city.

I’ll share the highlights of our Big Apple trip with you when I return. In the meantime, have a great green Memorial Day weekend.

Question of the blog: Has the strong Euro and/or price of gas influenced your travel plans?

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