Friday, May 2, 2008

Need a Miracle? How About 82 Miracles?

My parents took today off from work and the three of us enjoyed a road trip together to Boston, MA and then Concord, NH. In Concord, we went to the city’s green department store, Real Green Goods (which is also online at and then went to the Concord Co-Op; while there, I found Tate’s The Miracle Conditioner (

I had read about this "miracle" once and was excited to see it on the shelf. It’s an all natural product with no parabens, sulfites, glycols, dyes, or fragrance and it’s gluten free. It has 82 different uses (yeah, 82—it’s like the duct tape of the green movement). Tate’s The Miracle Conditioner is everything from an intense hair conditioner to hand lotion to muscle rub to deodorant.

I’ve already used it—successfully—in three different ways. Three ways, and counting . . .

Question of the blog: What’s your favorite green beauty product?

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