Thursday, May 8, 2008

Want to Hear a Funny (Sort of) Story?

At the Go Green Expo ( in New York City a couple of weeks ago, my first sale for EcoVixen ( wasn’t a sale at all: Someone stole a “Karma” bag.

Now, as the name of the bag implies, this cloth shopping tote plays on the law of moral causation. On the front it says, "You don't want to return as a plastic bag, do you? Don't mess with Karma." And on the back it says, “What goes around, comes around." and "Reducing. Reusing. Recycling. Keeping Karma Happy."

And, yes, someone at an environmentally friendly expo stole it!

[If you happen to be the person who did this, know that I am not angry at all; rather, I’m sad you live a life where that behavior is normal and that the possibility of coming back as a plastic bag and living 1,000 years in a landfill appeals to you.]

Along a similar line, I was at the store today and a woman in front of me in line was wearing a nice “Save the Earth” t-shirt . . . and she walked out of the store with half a dozen plastic bags. I wanted to run after her and demand that she remove her t-shirt at once, but I didn’t think that would go over well.

For me—and, I hope, for you—green isn’t a fad, it isn’t a way to make money (or rip people off), or “pretend” to be something I’m not. Green is who I am and who I feel I’ve always been. Going green is my passion and I’m glad it’s something I seem to be sharing with more and more people. Just not a certain person carrying a “Karma” bag or a lady wearing a “Save the Earth” t-shirt.

Question of the blog: Does anything in the green movement (posers, scam artists, etc.) that annoys you?

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