Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Got Chemicals?

I remembered today that my parents used to pay for lawn care service through “ChemLawn” when I was growing up. The idea behind the company was that chemicals would keep the lawn looking its “natural” best. How ironic.

Imagine a company now being called ChemWater or ChemClothing. It wouldn’t fly. But just because a company isn’t called ChemClothing doesn’t mean that isn’t, in fact, what it is. In other words, some pretty big and popular clothing manufacturers (most, in fact) use buckets and barrels of chemicals in their clothing production. In my first blog, I mentioned how the typical conventional t-shirt contains 1/3 pound of pesticides. Yikes . . . and yuck.

So check labels and buy organic and Made in the USA. I'm Organic ( is one of my favorite green t-shirt suppliers.

Question of the blog: Do you check labels along with ingredients lists?

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