Thursday, April 17, 2008

Do You See (Inspiration) Angels?

Warning: This posting isn't about green living at all. It's about healthy living, so I thought you might give me a pass.

A few years ago, before I went freelance, I worked a strange work schedule and left for the office at all hours of the day. Whatever time I left, I seemed to pass a man walking on the main road near my house. He was rather obese (no judgment!) and, every time I saw him, I wanted to cheer him on.

Then I went freelance and rarely drove down that main road during the day. Recently, though, I had an occasion to go that way during a weekday . . . and I saw the man, looking trim and healthy, walking a dog and walking next to a very pretty woman. I wanted to cheer and honk and stop the car and give him a high five, maybe even a high ten.

I just drove by, though--I'm not one for making a scene--but he did leave quite a lasting impression. I think of him as an inspiration angel; in this case, he's a reminder to live healthy and to not let an obstacle, no matter how large, distract you from your goals.

Question of the blog: As you race through life, do you see (inspiration) angels?

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