Friday, April 4, 2008

Is “Mint Green” Still “Green”?

I was just shopping at Target ( and noticed a woman at the check-out buying a massive amount of green cleaning products. I was really impressed. In an earlier post, I mentioned how I’ve switched over almost exclusively to green cleaning products because the conventional products tend to be toxic.

Anyway, back to the woman buying all the green cleaning products—she left with a cart-full of plastic bags! She’s what I call “mint green”—a pale version of truly green living. Her actions made me wonder: Does she care about the environment in general or just her own personal environment?

This reminded me of a time in college where I had a shock at the grocery store. One of my favorite classes was called “Environmental Philosophy” and we spent each class debating about what was and was not good and bad for the environment. My professor was articulate and passionate in his arguments for green living. And then, one day, I saw him leaving the grocery store with a cart-full of plastic bags. I realized he talked the great green talk, but he didn’t walk the walk. I was crushed, but he did teach me a great lesson.

The woman at Target? Well, she just reminded me that the green movement still has a ways to go.

Question of the blog: Is being “mint green” enough of a green commitment?

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