Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Will Gore Turn That White House Green?

I don’t want to get political but—I’m feeling reckless—let’s get go there. As someone who runs a green business and writes a green blog, it’s probably fairly obvious that the environment is one of my top concerns . . . and during an election year, “top concerns” become more important than ever as the candidates we choose to lead us need to have clear visions on the ways they can tackle the issues behind our concerns.

I live in New Hampshire and was appalled at the amount of junk mail I received from the candidates over the weeks leading up to the primary. My father met Senator Obama several times and, once, asked him why his flyers weren’t printed on recycled paper. The Senator’s response, according to my Dad, was shock and he said he’d look into it. I wonder if he did. [After our primary, the junk mail stopped, so I have no way to know . . . although I’m not complaining.]

To be fair, none of the flyers I received from any candidates were printed on recycled paper. To me, it was another case of politicians failing to walk the talk. But Senator Obama might have just redeemed himself in my eyes today by making a “commitment” to offer Al Gore a major role within his administration to combat global warming. I would love to see that White House turn green!

Question of the blog: Does the environment influence the way you’ll vote in November?

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