Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Do You Buy Green Travel Souvenirs?

I’ve been a travel writer for the past seven years, writing for AAA (, TripAdvisor (, Sherman's Travel (, Grand Circle Travel (, and many other travel companies.

Yesterday, I was talking with a colleague from Hideaways (—a luxury travel club—about what I consider to be the greatest green travel souvenir: cloth bags. If you’ve read the past postings of this blog, you’ll know I own a cloth bag company called EcoVixen ( As much as I’d love to think that someone would buy ten of my bags to shop with, I know that’s not realistic. Even I carry bags that aren’t my own—it’s part of the fun.

Whenever I travel, I pick up a cloth bag as a souvenir. It’s the most useful souvenir there is as I typically use it to carry back all the extra stuff I seem to accumulate on a trip (like the little soaps and lotions the hotels provide). Once I’m home, I continue to use the bags whenever and wherever I shop. Each time, they are a fun reminder of my trip while they help me to be environmentally friendly.

Not bad for a travel souvenir!

Question of the blog: What kind of green souvenirs do you buy?

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