Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do Abortion Rights Matter Without Any Life on Earth?

Just like every other election year, this one is going to come down to picking the best of the worst. My philosophy has always been that one can’t be a genuinely good, decent, and honest person and get ahead in what is by its very nature a power-hungry, money-hungry, polarizing, elitist, spotlight-driven profession.

Yeah, yeah, the president represents “we the people” . . . but not really.

John McCain can’t remember how many homes he owns (let’s not even guess if any of them are eco-friendly) and Barack Obama talks about change and then teams up with a man who has been "working" in Washington longer than I’ve been alive.

I don’t buy any of it. Luckily, we don’t really buy a president; we rent him for four or eight years. So, which rental will be less painful?

The environment is my #1 priority (without a healthy planet, nothing else matters). I just read this article about how the GOP is “taking a hard line on abortion while edging toward a more moderate position on global warming.”

Let me see if I understand? The GOP wants to make it illegal for women who were raped to end the nightmare, while backing down on serious environmental problems that could kill us all. Ignoring the environment is like allowing an abortion for the entire human race!

In this (green) light, Obama wins. Let’s hope the rest of us do, too.

Question of the blog: Does “GOP” stand for “Geezers, Obtuse, Pitiful”?

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