Thursday, August 14, 2008

Are You Up for the “One Bottle/One Year” Challenge?

Plastic water bottles are everywhere. And, unfortunately, as much as 90% of them are in landfills. We need one close at hand at work, the gym, and even the car. Of course we need to stay hydrated, but we also need to consider the drain on the environment, energy, and resources.

Assuming you recycle (for which I fundamentally applaud you), I have to say: Don’t be fooled.

The little “recyclable” sign on the bottom of a plastic bottle is a get-out-of-green-guilt card as it misleads people into thinking they’re doing all they can, and should, by tossing the bottle into the recycling container instead of the trash bin.

But remember the first of the three Rs is REDUCE, as in don’t buy those plastic bottles in the first place.

So I challenge you to use only one water bottle for the next 365 days (at least). I’m not asking you to refill a plastic bottle for a year—that’s dangerous as the plastic will leach more and more with each use. Instead, I’m suggesting you invest in a stainless steel reusable water bottle and a water filter of some sort (unless you have access to a natural spring).

With so many stainless steel water bottles on the market, which do you choose? My green guru gives her highest praise to Klean Kanteen, which is enough of an endorsement for me.

Question of the blog: Are you up for the “One Bottle/One Year” challenge?

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