Friday, August 1, 2008

(Organic) Curtain Call: Can You Help Me?

Mark and I have lived in our house for six years, and—for six years—I’ve wanted to hang curtains in our living room.

You have to understand: If I had to choose another career, it would be green interior design, so the way a place looks (and, really, feels) is of the utmost importance to me. As I shared with you many blogs ago, we moved into our house on a sweltering August day and we didn’t stop moving until every box was in the house and unpacked.

We had a house-warming soon afterwards and an acquaintance said to me, “It took 10 years to get my house looking this cozy and lived-in.” It was the best compliment I could have received.

But I digress . . .

Our house is totally designed, down to the angle of the plants, but the one bare spot is the living room windows. To me, it looks like a woman who got all dolled up and forgot to put on her lipstick. It’s just not finished.

Yesterday I decided to do something about it (finally!) and I went about what I thought would be an easy task: finding organic cotton curtains. I was so wrong. Organic cotton shower curtains are a breeze to find, but take the “shower” out of the equation and, well, you’re all wet.

I’m hoping you can help me in suggesting a source for eco-friendly and stylish window treatments. Ideally, the curtains will be grommet top, insulated, and some shade of maroon . . . and organic cotton or hemp or bamboo . . . and made in the United States. I know, I’m asking for a lot, but what I’m looking for just might be out there.

Oh, and if it’s on sale, that’s even better.

Question of the blog: Do you suffer from “green guilt” if you have to buy a product that’s conventional when you’re looking for eco-friendly?


Custom Window Treatments said...

I wish I could help you. Unfortunately, our products are not "green" yet.

I think the problem is your search term. You are more likely to find eco-friendly "shades" than eco-friendly "curtains."

Good luck!

Gary said...

I have the same problem. Hemp is such a great insulator so it would make sense.