Monday, August 11, 2008

What Has Your Bra Done For You Lately?

The conventional bra needed a make-over, and Christina Erteszek was just the designer to do it . . . and do it right. Her “Brassage” offers support, sure, but it also treats the body right with organic cotton and patented Lymphatic Enhancing Technology (LET).

Don't think you need LET? Think again!

LET micro-massages the network of lymphatic vessels which clean breast tissue. Translation: The small raised bumps in the bra’s side panels help to remove toxins from the breast.

I just bought one (on sale) from Gaiam and I’m hooked—excuse the pun.

Question of the blog: With undergarments worn as close to the body as possible, how important is “green” underwear to you?

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