Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Need a Cool Place for a Memo?

I admit it: I tried (rather unsuccessfully) to create a “vision board”—a place to display my hopes and dreams that works under the basic assumption of . . . if you visualize it, it will come true.

Here’s why it didn’t work for me: I wasn’t inspired by my rather-boring board.

I tacked up a few images, and then I avoided it. Eventually, the cat pulled down a few of the photos (she’s like that) and those images that were left curled up on themselves, as if too embarrassed to be seen. Last month, the bulletin board was sold at our tag sale.

But then I had a new vision yesterday while reading Real Simple. When cork cramps your style, like it did mine, they recommend a Pulp Designer Fabric Memo Board. Here’s why: “The 22-inch square bulletin board, which comes in 18 fabric designs, accepts regular pushpins but won’t stick out like a sore thumb and ruin your decor.”

The fabric isn’t described as eco-friendly, but the boards are hand-crafted in the United States—and buying products made in the United States is one of my favorite ways to go green.

Once I get my Pulp Designer Fabric Memo Board, and create my “vision board,” one of my first visions might just be for Pulp to go green.

Question of the blog: Does a product have to be 100% green for you to buy it, or are you okay with shades of green?

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