Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How Green Are Your Planters?

My favorite local garden center was offering a 40%-off sale this past weekend. As I blogged about earlier, Mark and I are on a mission to have as many plants in our home as possible to help clean the air. We ran out of planters with our latest plant additions so, in addition to buying two new plants, we needed to buy two new planters (which were also 40% off).

I walked up and down rows and rows of gorgeous planers of every imaginable size and color. In the final aisle, I found just what I wanted, but what I didn’t know existed: greenPots™, which are eco-friendly planters made from rice.

In addition to several lovely styles and equally lovely colors, these plants are gorgeously green because they’re renewable (made from plant by-products) and they’re completely biodegradable. They’re also extremely affordable. With the 40% off sale, Mark and I bought two plants and two plants for just pennies over $10.

Question of the blog: Does it frustrate you that green is still often incorrectly portrayed as more expensive than conventional alternatives?

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