Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Want to Go Green and Make Some Green?

Some things are easy to recycle—say, a newspaper. Other things aren’t so easy—say, your old cell phones (all three of them), your decidedly low-tech 2-megapixel digital camera, and even that “vintage” laptop that weighs about 18 pounds.

Not wanting to throw away any of our electronics, Mark and I have been storing them in our home office closet. But that's no solution! Recently, Mark found a site that doesn’t just take unwanted electronics off our hands, it pays us to do so.

The company is called Gazelle and, as they say on their site, “you get paid to be environmentally responsible.”

Talk about being green and making some green!

Gazelle is looking for your:
· Cell phones
· MP3 Players
· Digital Cameras
· Laptops
· GPS Devices
· Gaming Consoles
· Camcorders
· Satellite Radios
· Portable Hard Drives

How it works: You go to, search for the electronic device you want to sell, review the price Gazelle is willing to pay for your item, and—if you agree to the terms—enter your information and they send you a box AND pay for shipping . . . and then the item is out of your home office closet (or wherever you keep your stash) and you receive money.

Apparently, Gazelle has kept almost 5 tons of potential e-waste out of landfills. I wonder how many tons of cold, hard cash the company has added to wallets! Kudos, Gazelle.

Question of the blog: Do you have any tips for recycling hard-to-recycle items?

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