Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wanna Know What PETA Said?

Earlier this week, I wrote about my surprise in finding that PETA’s line of t-shirts isn't exclusively (or even mostly) organic. In addition to sharing the news with you, I sent an email to PETA. And I got a response. Here it is (unedited):

Dear Kristyn,

Thank you for your comments and for the information you have provided. Currently we have one organic cotton product, the Unisex yellow “
Happy Families” tee and we hope to carry more organic apparel in the future.

Unfortunately, just about anything we do has some adverse effect on the environment. As you already know, this is compounded when we consume products derived from animals since we are hurting the animals themselves, in addition to the environment, and that is why we promote a vegan lifestyle.

We, like you, would like to see the use of all animals and animal ingredients eliminated. We also recognize that, unfortunately, it is impossible to be a total vegan. Although changes are taking place with almost everything, there are animal products and/or animal tests wrapped up in our wallboard, paints, car tires, the asphalt we drive on, printing fluid, you name it. Ultimately, we encourage people to make choices that will have the most positive impact for animals.

While we will consider your suggestion, perhaps you will take comfort in knowing that we currently purchase T-shirts made by American Apparel which are screen printed by a nonprofit screen printer who employs people in the US.

We hope this information is helpful. Thank you for caring and all that you do for animals.

Kindest regards,
PETA Customer Service Staff

I was pleased to get a response, but I’m still surprised that they only carry one organic shirt (note: If you follow the link, it’s only the yellow “Happy Families” shirt that’s organic; all the other shirts with the same design are not organic . . . figure that one out). I’m also surprised they “hope” to carry more in the future.

I’m a total animal rights activist—I even waited for a frog to cross my path while I was mowing the lawn yesterday—but I think we all need to take a global, green, and vegan approach to life. Meaning, we should make the best possible choices for Mother Earth, which includes her animals and her humans.

Question of the blog: Since “Made in the USA” and animal-friendly organic t-shirts are available—and are now more affordable than ever—why use/wear anything else?

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