Monday, June 9, 2008

How Much Do You Love Your Dog?

After hearing from my green guru, Debby (owner of, that conventional dog beds are quite toxic—our furry friends have outrageously high levels of flame retardants in their systems—I set about to find a bed that’s green and chic . . . and I just did.

Here’s a picture of my five-year-old pug, Bruno, relaxing in his new green bed (and notice his jealous sister, one-year-old, Myrna, watching from the wings).

The Bella Bed® is really cool for a number of reasons: It’s ridiculously comfortable—Mark and I both wish they’d make one in the dimensions of a king-size bed—and looks like a piece of art. Beyond that, it’s veterinarian-endorsed and has a true green pedigree:

· All components are made in the US, and the beds are hand sewn by skilled textile sewers in El Salvador, a CAFTA country;
· 100% hypoallergenic and washable; and
· Exterior made from Eco2 recycled cotton fiber and interior fiberfill made form recycled PET (plastic bottles).

The beds come in several cool color combinations and in a number of sizes (from Chihuahua to Mastiff). For more information, I encourage you to check out And to all you green bargain shoppers out there, take note: I bought Bruno's Bella Bed® for 60 percent off at my local HomeGoods!

Question of the blog: If you have animals, in what ways (if any) have they gone green?

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ecosavvy said...

My Doberman Bruno has always been "green". He has always eaten a natural "raw" diet, wears a hemp collar from Earth Dog and sleeps on a hemp dog bed with recycled cotton stuffing inside. I love this bed we have had it now for a year and a half and it still looks like new. I usually have to replace his beds every six months. The hemp top cover is removable and can be put in the washing machine. Earth dog is a great company they also have hemp dog toys