Thursday, June 5, 2008

Looking for a Gift for a Green Dad?

Caution: Shameless promotion ahead.

EcoVixen (—the company I started earlier this year—produces fiendishly good cloth bags for men and women. The bags are all made in New Hampshire, have great designs and witty sayings, and some are made of recycled cotton and recycled plastic bags.

I started with the “Dick & George” bag (named as a tongue-in-cheek homage to our current VP and President—you can thank me for their green legacy) which is a unique-to-the-market cloth bag for men that was named a “Top 10 Eco Bag” by in April.

And it’s a perfect Father’s Day gift for a green Dad you know.

The bag is black, 15 oz. (which means it stands up on its own, which is cool), has short handles, and says “I’m a Man of the Cloth Bag” on one side and “Not Paper. Not Plastic.” on the other. The bag costs just $30 on (remember, it has a green legacy) and the shipping is free.

Question of the blog: What are some of the eco-friendly gifts you’re buying for the green fathers you know?

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