Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Is Banana Republic Trying to Green-Wash Us?

I was pleased to hear Banana Republic has incorporated organics into their line . . . but when I went to their site, I could find little more than a t-shirt that was marketed as an “eco-friendly staple” but was really just 5% organic. Which, from another perspective, is 87% not-organic cotton and 8% definitely-not-organic spandex.

To quote Mark, “Is that the best they could do?”

Speaking of, I made a donation to PETA recently and got their newsletter in the mail yesterday. I was moved by the stories (of course) and also by their line of fun and funky t-shirts. I went online to order one, assuming they were organic, or maybe bamboo or hemp.

Not only wasn't I able to find sustainable fabrics, but some shirts are 50% polyester, which is a petroleum product . . . which isn’t good for Mother Nature or animals.

To quote Mark, “How many polyesters were killed in the making of that t-shirt?”

Question of the blog: Would you buy an “eco-friendly" product that was 95% anti-eco?

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