Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where Are All The Hip Organic Cotton Tees?

This morning, I set about to buy an organic cotton t-shirt. I powered up my laptop, went to, typed in “organic cotton t-shirt,” and then was utterly amazed at the lack of good options . . . and my expectations were quite simple.

I was looking for an organic cotton v-neck tee with either a funky saying or a bold design, or both. The real issue turned out to be the v-neck (since it appears that style doesn’t exist in organic cotton) although, as a rule, I wasn’t impressed with the designs either. I was also looking for a good deal--green or not, I'm not going to pay $75 for a t-shirt.

After an hour of searching, I did find a few tees I liked on, having to ignore, of course, that they aren't v-necks. Their options aren’t plentiful but I like almost every design offered. I ended up buying their “Organic Love” t-shirt along with an “I’m Organic” wristband, which they claim is the world’s first 100% recycled wristband.

If you like their products as much as I do, here’s a tip: Use “whiteapricot” as a code during checkout and you’ll receive 20 percent off your order. Another tip: Visit for additional coupon codes for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. [By the way, I have no affiliation with either website; my contribution to green fashion can be found at]

Question of the blog: Do you have a favorite company that sells organic cotton t-shirts? If you do, let us know. You'll get bonus points if they carry v-necks!

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