Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where Are All the Green Houses?

My husband and I are thinking of moving and have started the daunting task of looking for a new home. This time around, we’re not just looking for a place with character, and a decent yard, we’re looking for something green.

And, after weeks of looking, we’ve found exactly nothing.

I recently read an article about how environmentally friendly renovations can help sell a home. The best eco changes are green countertops, renewable flooring, efficient products (like an Energy-Star refrigerator), and no-VOC paint. Sure, some of those renovations are costly, but repainting with non-toxic paint is cheap and easy . . . and a great selling point.

Since the housing market has been hit so hard, I’m surprised more people with homes on the market aren’t doing everything they can to make a sale. Where I live, it seems most sellers have their heads in the sand and are refusing to buy into the burst housing bubble, or they think they are the exception to the rule. Perhaps, later this year, there will be more eco options.

Question of the blog: If you're in the market for a new home, is it important that the home is green/has green elements?

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