Friday, March 28, 2008

Have You Detoxed Your Feet?

Let me just state for the record: I don’t buy things promoted on infomercials.

It’s kind of a rule. But when I saw one on detoxifying foot pads, I admit . . . I was intrigued. However, because of my infomercial rule, I didn’t buy them. Just this morning, I was flipping through a Gaiam ( catalog, and I noticed something rather surprising: They sell “Body Purifying Foot Pads.”

Do I have a rule against buying a product from a legitimate source, even if said product reminds me of something I saw once on an infomercial? I’ll have to check my rule book to find out for sure.

I’m still intrigued but, at a cost of $30 for 10 pads, I’m cautious. I like that they are made in the United States, I like that Gaiam stands behind them, I like that the site includes a testimony from someone who used/liked them. But, still: 30 bucks!

Question of the blog: If you’ve used Body Purifying Foot Pads, were they worth the investment?

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