Monday, March 31, 2008

Can I Travel Without My Hair Dryer?

Mark and I are planning a beach getaway. That may sound pretty ordinary, but let me tell you about the extraordinary circumstances. Namely, we’re not “beach getaway” people. Our idea of travel is a go-go-go adventure where we develop blisters on our feet, fill up several memory sticks in the camera, stay in multiple properties, and rack up plenty of miles.

And now we want to relax on the beach with nothing on the agenda but: swim, eat, drink, and have lots of fun.

Okay, there are a few other extraordinary circumstances as well. We’re looking for a green getaway that is right on the beach, with private cabanas or cottages on the water, vegetarian food, a spa, eco-tours, and possibly activities like yoga. After deciding on this long laundry list of must-have traits, Mark says, “I think I know just the place” and tells me about Maya Tulum Wellness Retreat & Spa ( just outside Cancun. He had read about it in Travel & Leisure ( .

I went to the site and was pleasantly surprised at what I found. It certainly sounds like exactly what we’re looking for, and we can even fly direct to Cancun from Boston via our favorite airline carrier, JetBlue ( We’re thinking of taking advantage of the 7-night Mind Body Spirit program. It’s an investment, but one we feel is worth it.

My only concern? As a green resort, they ask that guests leave their hair dryers at home. A week by the water with no way to tame my wild curls makes me a little nervous, but—at the same time—I’m looking forward to the freedom of throwing my hair up in a ponytail and being done with it. Mark shaves his head, so he’s all set.

Question of the blog: If you’ve been to Maya Tulum, what was the experience like?

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