Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is your mind like concrete?

While enjoying a walk this beautiful, blue-skied morning, I passed a business with a sign out front that said this: Some minds are like concrete: all mixed up and permanently set.

The idea accurately describes so many people . . . many in politics.

If you’re reading this blog, I have a feeling your mind isn’t anything like concrete. I certainly hope my mind isn’t! I follow an organic, vegan, mostly-raw-food diet; I exercise 6 days a week; and I'm totally green, which easily puts me in the "alternative lifestyle" category. In addition, I’m always open to new ideas and actually think it’s okay to be proven wrong from time to time (whenever that happens, it reminds me that my mind isn’t concrete).

Earlier today, before my walk, I stumbled on someone else’s blog . . . someone else who just happens to share my same name. It seemed like fate that I found it as Kristyn is currently embracing “the importance of organic food, exercise and spiritual well being.” Unfortunately, Kristyn’s enlightenment comes as a result of her husband's recent cancer diagnosis.

I can’t tell you how many people I know, some personally, who turned to my so-called alternative lifestyle after receiving an identical or similar diagnosis. Something has got to change.

Did you know that most Doctors take one—just one!—nutrition course during their schooling? And most harbor very antiquated views about the relationship between diet and health. Talk about concrete thinking. And we entrust our health to these people.

I subscribe to the idea of farmacies, not pharmacies. Food is the most powerful drug there is. And so I’m sending out my best positive thoughts to the other Kristyn Miller and her husband and children . . . and, Kristyn, if you need me to send any tried-and-true vegan recipes along with those positive thoughts, just let me know! I can be reached at info at ecovixen.com.

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