Sunday, March 7, 2010

Do you think Kris Carr would ever read this blog?

To the witty, wild, and oh-so-wise Kris Carr:

This past Friday, I had my own miracle on the Hudson—on the Hudson River Valley, that is. I walked into a veg cafĂ© in Woodstock, NY for a late lunch with the family and saw . . . you.

Did you experience the thrill of time standing still? Probably not. But, let me tell you, it did, and it was so cool.

You, champion of the Crazy Sexy Life, are one of the greatest teachers and cheerleaders of my crazy sexy life.

It’s because of you that I have a Vita-Mix blender and a Breville juicer (go green juice!). It’s because of you that I transitioned from vegetarian to partly-raw-food vegan (oh, yeah, I survived a detox with Natalia Rose). It’s because of you that I have a stack of books about healthy living on my nightstand (I just finished The China Studywow). And, most importantly, it’s because of you that I take the time, often, to appreciate all the awesome gifts I have in my life: beautiful baby (about to celebrate her first birthday on Earth Day!), terrific guy, amazing parents, great friends, and my dream job (freelance writer).

I’ve watched your documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer, a handful of times and I always laugh, cry, and learn something new that improves my life. How do you thank someone for that? I don’t think you can, but the way I try is to share your inspirational story and kick-ass attitude with as many people as possible.

It would have been great to tell you all of this in person, but I’m shy . . . and I also didn’t want to interrupt your lunch (how rude!). And so I hope this posting somehow makes it way to you—maybe, just maybe, time will stand still again when it does.

Sending peace, love, and veggies to you,

P.S. During the drive to Woodstock, Mark and I were talking about how Food Network needs to include a show about healthy eating that celebrates the many pleasures of that lifestyle. “Of course, Kris Carr would make the best host,” I said. “She’s passionate, educated, and utterly motivating.” The current exploitation of a high-fat, high-sugar, high-salt, animal-based diet is truly (and literally) sickening. 30-Miracle Meals instead of 30-Minute Meals? Surely, this country is hungry for the change.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! The world is ready for . . . Crazy Sexy Cooking!